¿Formatting your iOS device?

Do you want to know how zero reformat your iPhone or iPad?

Here we reveal, step by step how to get it

First step:

With the device on, connect the USB cable to the computer you have synchronized your device, or in case you want to use to change computer you synchronize, connect it to the new computer.

Second step:

Launch iTunes.

Third step:

Restart the phone or tablet, holding down the top button and front. This step is the key. By holding the two buttons, we wait until the device turns off after a few seconds. After the shutdown, the device starts to restart, and unlike a normal reset, at the time that the black apple on a white background appears, stop pressing the top button, but keep the front button pressed until the message appears the device will have to be plugged into iTunes via USB.


iTunes connect USB

iTunes connect USB

Fourth step:

The secret of a good format, to save you problems with your backup to iCloud, is to treat the device as if it were a new device, and not to apply to have backup in the cloud. In this way, we ensure that the copy of iCloud we are not dragging any bug the operating system. In the event that we formatted the phone or tablet because of a problem or the device is failing, this is our best option, formatting and NOT backup copy.

I know it’s a hassle having to get off the Apps, configure mail, etc … but this is also a way to do some cleaning apps, photos, etc …

Fifth step:

Then we choose the option to download the latest update available for our iOS device. At this time, iTunes will download the operating system and the system will erase all contents of the device to continue the installation of iOS.


Formating iOS device

Formating iOS device


When finished, we just set our Apple ID and ready, mobile looking like new!


iPhone5 new

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